Homeopaths Support Refugees

Welcome to Homeopaths Support Refugees. We are homeopaths who have been helping out in the Jungle camps in Calais and Dunkirk and further afield.We offer homeopathic support to the vulnerable people in the camps living in appalling conditions .

If you would like to support us to enable us to continue to work and bring some relief to the refugees, please give what you can via the paypal link below


May 2016

in Calais...

A big group of us visited the Jungle in Calais and had a very productive day, we saw up to 70 people who we treated for a variety of conditions, including, Jungle lung, scabies, ear and eye infections, and a multitude of injuries as well as emotional problems. Helen wrote this below.

We weave through shelters to find M, a very young and beautiful pregnant woman. Her hut is dark, cosy and has cuddly toys donated from the UK hanging all around. It's like a child's room but with a cooker..and with no natural light, no ventilation. Her small number of possessions are neatly folded. We make do with smiles and points and sign language. We give tissue salts as she has a cold and probiotics as she has some digestive problems...acid reflux as is common in pregnancy. Some cream for her stretching skin and some nursing oil for her breasts when the baby arrives….I guess we do what we can.

Amazingly M seems well...as well as you can be living in a hut made from pallets on a toxic waste site in Northern France expecting your first child. She asks for some leggings in different colours and baggy t shirts and the lovely long term volunteer said she will get her some clothes.

We don’t know M’s story, she has a husband; also very young, we saw him later cycling by with a big smile. We congratulated him on his pending fatherhood.

One of our homeopaths put it well...she has no women no matriarchs... we wonder who will support her in those heady days of early motherhood. Where will her baby be born... I picture M in her homeland with sisters, a mother, women friends holding and enabling her as only women can do into the transition of motherhood. Soothing her worries and making her rest, cooking her food and squeezing her hand as her baby comes earthward.

March 2016

The new Camp in Dunkirk is a massive improvement from the old jungle. They are out of the mud and into stronger accommodation from the flimsy tents. The huts are small with little ventilation but they are at least dry and each one has a small heater. They are relieved to be away from the mud and the squalor. Children play outside and ride on the bikes that have been donated to the camp.There were still the same illnesses as we saw before, but at the moment the spirits have been lifted with the move

February 2016

The tickets are booked to return to France, to the Grande Synthe refugee camp next week. With my fellow homeopaths, we will once again try and do what we can in the short time we are there. It has been a profound experience going to a muddy rubbish filled cold field in the North of France, which is also home to over 3,000 refugees. A field filled with hopes and dreams, of people who have experienced the most terrifying things to reach what they now call their new home. A people who are just like you and me, who had their own lovely homes, cars jobs and happy lives. Where their children played and went to school. Where the parents dreamt of what their children would grow up to be. Some of those parents and those children never made it to the field in France. The ones that have are grateful to be there. These people want to give their children the hopes and dreams they still hold out for, that is why they are camped in a cold frozen field. Waiting. Waiting and grateful to be there, smiling and friendly and generous with the little they have.

Everything, and I mean everything in this field has been donated by people like you and me who feel the need to help. Charities are not allowed. The French will not declare a humanitarian crisis, which would allow the charities in to build an infrastructure and bring in proper housing, food, heating. So volunteers from all over Europe fill their cars and vans and bring out food, clothes, heating, bedding, firewood, toiletries, tents – when they are permitted in- and bring them to the camp. When they arrive they are met by the French riot police. Depending on which group of police is there will depend on if the items they have with them will be permitted to the camp. They make up the rules as they go along, changing hourly – just because they can.

Living amongst the refugees are long-term volunteers, we met a few. What struck me was the age of so many are so young. Early 20's. People who feel compelled to do what they can to help, to try and make some order out of the chaos that would otherwise be. What generous loving people they are..

People turning up in vans packed with everything needed, mucking in unloading, distributing, doing what needs to be done. Every single one had the same determined expression on their faces, to help, do their little bit and show that this is wrong, but we care and we will help. It is so wrong that in 2016, in Europe, due to politics people are living in conditions no one anywhere should be living. Please don't believe all the right wing rhetoric and fear-inducing headlines. These are people, like you and me, that through circumstances beyond their control are living like this.

Please if you can, and wish to support let me know by Pm and I can tell you were to transfer funds so they will be used 100% on helping people who need our help NOW.

Thank you

We have set up this fundraising page to raise direct immediate funds to support refugees. These funds will be used for everything – tents, food, heating, clothing, homeopathy etc. We were able to buy what was needed by the long-term volunteers on the ground immediately in Dunkirk and Calais. This is where fundraisers will be advertised, and links to other groups we are working closely with.

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